Our Idea is to inspire people to go on new adventures and to use our products no matter what they are doing. At work, at home, hiking, climbing, when training, when chilling, no matter what journey they are up to, they should not have to change their clothing.

We want to combine our inspiring and funky design with a material in our shirts that does not put up any limits, no matter what the Journey  is. We searched and found our fabric in nature, Merinowool.


So what did we search for?!

A material that is durable and warm during winter activities but can handle 30 % of its own weight in sweat without feeling wet and loosing its insulating properties .

A material that even if it is warm in cold weather, works really good in warm conditions during that summer climb when you need to stay cool and not get totally wet and stinky after a few minutes.

We searched for a material that you can wash everyday, but you actually do not need to wash because it does not smell sweat, before some weeks of hard use. But we really love the late night fireplace stories and the marshmallow grills, and you might want to get rid of that smoky smell. Therefore you must be able to wash the shirts with your normal clothes without worrying about the shirts to shrink etc.

Merinowool has got all of these properties, and is a natural material that suits perfect for every journey there is. Do you want to know more about wool and its fantastic futures and why it has these properties and have some time over to spare. Click this link and we will tell you a lot more!

Otherwise you can enjoy yourself with the knowledge that your shirt both looks fantastic and inspires both you and your surroundings as well as it is:

  • Warm during cold days and transports the sweet from you skin to keep you dry!

  • Is cool and dry during those really hot day journeys!

  • Does not get any nasty odors and instead of a short washing journey you have time for a longer journey you enjoy more.

  • We have blended in some polyester fibers to make the shirts even more durable but without compromising any of the wools natural properties, enjoy!



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